Beat the Heat with a Summer Updo at The Hair Bar

30 Jul Beat the Heat with a Summer Updo at The Hair Bar

Battling the hot and humid months in Texas is always a challenge. Instead of blow drying and straightening, why not beat the heat with a casual braided updo that keeps you cool and stylish through the summer!

Step 1: Gather your hair into a ponytail  just above the nape of your neck, holding it in place with one hand. Using the other hand, carefully brush your hair backwards leaving one front piece outside the ponytail.

Step 2: Secure your low pony with a hair tie. Wrap your hair clockwise around the hair tie into a low bun. Using bobby pins, pin your bun into place making sure it is secured.

Step 3: Spray your strands with Kerastase Laque Couture to control the frizz and smooth fine hairs.

Step 4: Taking your front hair piece (piece outside the ponytail) and style your braid. Secure braid with bobby pin(s).

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